Serbia 2017: Dr. Slavko Jankovic

Delegate: Dr. Slavko Jankovic

Affiliations: Clinic of neurology, Clinical center of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia

Activity: I made a 22-minute exposition on the First programme od the State televison of Serbia. The presentation was live broadcasted at 10 A.M. The exposition was on parasomnias with the special attention to somnambulism and confusional awakenings. The exposition can be observed at YouTube:

Location: Belgrade state television, First programme, live, 10 A.M.

Date: March 1, 2017.

Submitted by: Dr. Slavko Jankovic

Short Bio:
Slavko M. Jankovic, M.D., Ph.D. Neuropsychiatrist, Subspecialist in clinical neurophysiology and epileptology, Certified ESRS somnologist, expert in sleep medicine, President, Serbian Sleep Society (member of ESRS) Web:
Clinic for neurology, Clinical center of Serbia,
Head, Department for sleep disorders
Head, Department of Polyclinic, Clinic of neurology
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