Portugal 2018: EOS Sleep Team

Delegate: Eos Sleep Team

Affiliations: Colégio Arco-Íris e seus Tesourinhos

Short Bio: The school Colegio Arco-Iris e seus Tesourinhos, (Colégio Arco Íris and its little treasures) defends an innovative concept being open 24h a day, being possible to distinguish the daytime from the night and presenting several extra services that facilitate the daily routine of the parents and consequent flexibility of schedules.
In addition to staying in the College, we also offer a babysitting service in the school for some need or eventual break of routine of the parents, and various extracurricular activities like the babyoga to start soon in the nursery for the little ones of 3 months.

Activity: Activities descriptions-
The activities were carried out in 3 school rooms:

  1. The nursery room – involved 10 little treasures (10 babies)
    kindergarten teacher: Vania Guarda
    nursery assistants: Andreia Santos e Carina Felipa
  2. The room 1 – involved 14 little treasures, aged 1 year old
    kindergarten teacher: Vania Galhofa
    kindergarten assistant: Mónica Gomes
  3. The room 2 – involved 15 little treasures, aged 2 years old
    kindergarten teacher: Inês Meda
    kindergarten assistant: Carina Monteiro

Activity 1: the theme of sleep was introduced and worked through with the children, starting with the reading of the story “Today I do not want to sleep !!!” by Alexandre Honrado and Natalina Cóias, Horizon Books; many times it was repeated, afterwards, at the request of the children.
Activity 2: The kindergarten teachers and assistants worked with the children in several work-crafts about sleep. The work crafts where send to the Sleep Road Map exhibition, included in the WSD celebrations, in the traditional stores of Montijo’s historic center.
Date: 16 to 26 March 2018
Activity 3: Talk for parents given by the Eos Sleep Team, under the BHB Sleep initiative
Eos Sleep Team Participants: Eulália Semedo, Susana Ramos
Date – 29 March 2018
Target audience: parents and teachers
Activity description: This activity was developed under the Eos Sleep Team BHB Sleep initiative. The talk was given by Eulália Semedo

Location: Montijo, Portugal

Date of Activity: February to March 2018

Submitted By: Eulália Semedo, Eos Sleep Team