Portugal 2014: CENC-Sleep Medicine Center

Below is a list of the activities that they held for World Sleep Day 2014 during the month of March.

1.A Children Show in the Knowledge Pavilion
2.The Book: “Sleep is Good. Sleep makes good”
3.Collaboration with the Year of the Brain in Europe
4.Participation on TV and radio shows, interviews on newspapers
5.The Sleep School Project
6.The Facebook page
7.Sleep and the Municipalities
8.Sleep and Creativity in Madeira Island
9.Collaboration with the national Reading Plan
Please view their Presentation of all activities here.

Here are a few shots from their activities, 200 children attended their musical and acrobat show!

cenc-acro3 cenc-acro4 cenc-acro5 cenc-acrobat cenc-acrobat2 cenc-book press conference cenc-children2 cenc-childrenpic cenc-childrenpicportugal cenc-logo cenc-organizers cenc-organizers2 cenc-portugalmap cenc-sleepbook cenc-wsd2014