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Delegate: Pornprapa Chindamporn, MD

Affiliation: Sleep Society of Thailand

Short Bio:

  • Board of Pulmonary Medicine and Pulmonary Critical Care, Thailand
  • Board of Sleep Medicine, Thailand
  • Research fellowship of Sleep Medicine, CCF, OH, US
  • Staff at Pulmonary and Critical Care Division, Department of Medicine, Phramongkutklao Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand


Annually, Sleep Society of Thailand created the World Sleep Day activity of translating theme “Sleep equity for global health” into Thai language. This activity let general people to join the translation in order to promote World Sleep Day. Committee agreed to choose ” นอนหลับสมดุล เป็นต้นทุนสุขภาพสากล” to bet the Thai slogan. Mr. Gunn Wangwichit was the winner for the Thai World Sleep Day theme contest and was awarded by Dr. Tayard Desudchit, president of the Sleep Society of Thailand. 

A nationwide campaign promoting good sleep among Thai people for physical and mental well-being on World Sleep Day 2024 in Slogan “Sleep Equity for Global Health” organized by Sleep Disorders Centers all over Thailand, Ministry of Public Health, in collaboration with Sleep Society of Thailand.

  1. Siriraj Sleep Center, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand 

The “Good Sleep, Good Life” event was held on March 15th, 2024. Talks were delivered by sleep specialists from diverse fields including sleep medicine physicians, sleep otolaryngologist, psychiatrist and obesity specialist. Sleep nurses and sleep technicians also participated in public education to raise awareness of the importance of sleep quality for everyone’s good life. There was a mini concert by Assoc. Prof. Archwin Tanphaichitr, MD who was the winner of sleep song contest in World Sleep Day 2022.

2. The King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand

Chula World Sleep Day 2024 was held during March 6th-8th under the theme “Sleep Equity for Global Health.” Many events were conducted this year including Symposium, Stretching Exercise to Improve Sleep Quality, Sleep Fellow Performance, Free Sleep Clinic for Public, and Art Exhibition on Sleep by High School Students. These were the links of news publications about World Sleep Day in many news channels:

3. Ramathibodi Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand

“World Sleep Day 2024” Activity at Faculty of Medicine, Ramathibodi Hospital, Mahidol University was held on March 7th, 2024. There were many activities:

3.1 Photographs and VDO clip competition on Facebook/Instagram/TikTok #WSD2024

3.2 Welcome to “World Sleep Day 2024” activity.

3.3 Sleep Medicine knowledge: Q&A with the physician.

3.4 Talk session with Miss Universe Thailand 2022, Anna Sueangam-iam and Rising Star Miss Thailand World 2023, Chotenapa Kaewjaroon

3.5 Costume contest: pajamas theme

3.6 Ending activity with the stage performance

These are activity links: 

4. Central Chest Institute of Thailand (CCIT), Department of Medical Services, Ministry of Public Health, Nonthaburi, Thailand 

CCIT World Sleep Day 2024 activity held on March 5th, collaborated with Let’s Be Heroes Foundation, Ramathibodi Chakri Naruebodindra Medical Institute, Mahidol University, Phramongkutklao Hospital and Pranangklao Hospital. Publicity of Sleep knowledge was arranged in the topics of “Basic knowledge of sleep, sleep disorders and good sleep hygiene,” “How do sleep late and sleep insufficiency affect children’s health?” “How does insomnia affect mental health?” and “Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) evaluation and surgery treatment.” There was also a talk about “Direct experiences from people with sleep problems and solving guideline” between sleep patients with sleep problem and sleep experts. TikTok VDO contest with the theme “Sleep equity for global health” was announced and gave the prize to the winners.

Moreover, there were many interesting activities including of “Free initial assessment and advice on sleep health problems for both children and adults from multidisciplinary sleep expert team” , “Screening for sleep problems using questionnaires such as ESS, STOP-Bang, Modified OSA-18 and TPSS”, “Advice the use of CPAP and CPAP care”, “Sleep disorders medicines” and also “Advice on appropriate food, weight control, exercise, and smoking cessation.”

5. Sleep Disorders Center, Faculty of Medicine, Chiangmai University, Chiangmai

The activity was on March 8th, 2024. There were talks section by sleep physician specialist on topic “Good sleep hygiene for health balance in adult and child” which related to 2024 World Sleep Day concept; “Sleep equity for global health.” In addition, there was a “Question and Answer” session, which the participants could ask the sleep physician specialist about their doubt of sleep disorders symptoms and treatment. Facebook live was provided for those who were interested via Sleep Disorders Center Facebook fan page and Faculty of Medicine Chiang Mai university Facebook fan page. Moreover, there was “CPAP experience exchanging” session which the guest was invited to share her experiences on CPAP using with other participants. The facility also offered CPAP checking by CPAP brand mechanics. Furthermore, the participants could also enjoy knowledge exhibitions all day long.

5.1 Talks session on topic “Good sleep hygiene for health balance in adult and child” by sleep physician specialist.

5.2 Question and Answer session for participants

5.3 Facebook live on Sleep Disorders Center Facebook fan page and Faculty of Medicine Chiang Mai university Facebook fan page.

Facebook link:

YouTube link:

6. Pranangklao Hospital, Department of otorhinolaryngology head and neck surgery, Ministry of Public Health, Nonthaburi, Thailand 

The ENT work group and interdisciplinary team organized the event on Friday, March 15th, 2024 with the objective to raise the people’s awareness on the importance of sleep quality and enhance knowledge of sleep hygiene, which was an important basis for good sleep, and common sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea, insomnia, etc. Activities consisted of discussion and providing knowledge and advice in the topic of “good sleep, happy life” by a team of medical experts. In addition, there was screening service; evaluation of sleep problems, stress assessment and counseling about obesity.

7. Songklanagarind Hospital Sleep Center, Prince of Songkla Univeristy, Hat-Yai, Songkhla 

8. Rajavithi Hospital, Bangkok 

The activities included seminars discussing experiences related to obesity and OSA, Q&A sessions about sleep issues, prize competitions, consultations for patients with sleep-related problems and CPAP services care.

9. Sleep Center of Thammasat (SCENT), Thammasat University Hospital 

On March 14th, the Medical Diagnostics Unit (MDU) and the Sleep Center of Thammasat (SCNET) collaborated to organize a public event called “Snoring… must be treated!” The event was in line with the 2024 World Sleep Day theme, “Sleep Equity for Global Health.” Its aim was to raise awareness about the negative health consequences of snoring and the available treatment options.

Sleep specialists delivered informative presentations. They covered a wide range of snoring management strategies, including established interventions like continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy and surgical procedures, as well as alternative approaches like therapeutic nutrition, dental appliances and sleep testing techniques. The presentations were streamed live on Facebook (“Thammsat University Hospital”) to enable remote participation. After the presentations, participants engaged with specialists in an interactive session. This facilitated in-depth discussions about CPAP therapy, including addressing individual concerns regarding machine suitability and ensuring a deeper understanding of the available treatment options.

By combining their expertise, MDY and SCENT reached a broad audience through this public knowledge dissemination event. The event empowered participants with valuable knowledge on the importance of snoring elimination for a healthier and more fulfilling life, thereby contributing to the broader goals of promoting sleep health equity.

Location: Bangkok, Nonthaburim Songkla, Chiangmai Provinces

Country: Thailand

Date of Activity: March 5th to 17th, 2024

Submitted by: Pornprapa Chindamporn, MD