We plan to do a screening study among students of Warsaw School of Economics for symptoms of snoring and sleep apnea. We are going to use a questionnaire based on STOP-BANG and Berliner questionnaire. Students will be able to fill the survey both online and in paper version. In selected students with high risk of SDB we are going to perform a home sleep study.
Moreover on March 13th we will give a lecture highlighting the problem of sleep disordered breathing in terms of health and economics.
The information campaign is prepared with a students-based consulting company ConQuest.
We engaged social media, distributed posters and leaflets as well as set up a stand to educate students and increase awareness of SDB consequences.

poster (2) leaflet



Wojciech Kukwa is now assistant professor at ENT Department at Medical University of Warsaw, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Poland. He is mainly interested in sleep disordered breathing. He is a President of Health Sleep Foundation and performed screening program in children ‘My child doesn’t snore’ in few cities in Poland since 2013. Affiliation: HEALTHY SLEEP FOUNDATION and MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF WARSAW (POLAND)