Philippines 2018: Golden Phoenix Hotel Manila

Delegate: Golden Phoenix Hotel Manila

Affiliations: Member – Hotel Sales and Marketing Association

Short Bio: Modern travel and lifestyle habits created a paradigm shift on how one looks at hotel luxury. Let’s be real, too much can sometimes be disconcerting that can lead to discomfort and even difficulty in sleeping.
While most hotels offer luxury amenities, many seem to have taken for granted the basic luxury of rest and sleep. After all, this is one of the foundations of a productive activity whether you are in it for business or pleasure. And this they say is the “new luxury”. That is why we took pains to offer you the place and means to elevate the quality of your sleep on top of the usual offers.
We located the hotel conveniently near business and leisure destinations and yet on the less busy side. We offer spacious and quiet rooms, signature chiropractic beds that help correct your sleeping posture and fluffy pillows to ensure maximum comfort. And guess what, we are continuously evolving to push the limits of that promise.

Activity: To celebrate World Sleep Day, we have made an installation art at our hotel lobby. Our signature Chiropractic bed strategically mounted and replaced our centerpiece for the whole month of March. This initiative alone supports our brand as a Sleep Sanctuary and also served as an interactive photo booth for the hotel guests.

Location: Pasay City, Philippines

Date of Activity: March 2018

Submitted By: Juan Miguel Barrera