New Zealand 2019: Warren Jones

Delegate: Warren Jones

Affiliations: Foundation Trustee, Sleep Health Foundation New Zealand Trust

Short Bio: Veteran educational film, television and audiovisual Producer/Director of some five-plus decades. Heavily invested in projects and programmes targeting community well-being and social progress. Partially skilled in many areas, master of not so many. Passionate about the visual image, and good story-telling. Member of Woodville (NZ) Lions, patron of Radio Woodville (NZ). Past involvements include NZ delgate to ITVA World Congress, facilitator, producer and manager of Visual Workshops, Reel Earth Environmental Fim Festival, and local, national and international exhibitions.

Activity: Launch campaign for Sleep Health Foundation NZ Trust. A new initiative designed to launch the organisation to the public, our Sleep Day event is actually rolled in to a nationwide Sleep Health Awareness Week. Each day media releases push sleep messaging. The campaign title, ‘Are You Getting Enough?’ fronts our aim to start a million conversations about sleep. Some 100,000 conversation starter cards are being distributedacross the nation over this week by Lions Club members, friends and Rotarians. On Friday and over the coming weekend Fire and Emergency Services will raise our banner up on their five-story Tower Evacuation Appliance at one of NZ’s premiere AgriBusiness Fieldays, where it will be visible to all of the 35,000+ visitors. Our key event will be a public debate in the Capital’s iconic old pub, the Backbencher. With a mix of public, politicians, heads of departments of state, clinicians, academics, industry, Lions, Rotarians and consumers in the mix, the debate will in turn, point to to World Sleep Day wherein we are looking to further media exposure, and ramping up the amplification of our messaging. Our youTube promotion is accessible at

Live Streamed Debate – ‘Sleep is for Wimps’

TVNZ TV1 SevenSharp clip: Dr Lora Wu PhD, Sleep-Wake Reasearch Centre, Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand.


Location: Centered in Wellington, New Zealand. Live streamed to the world.

Date of Activity: !!-15 March, 2019

Submitted By: Warren Jones