Netherlands 2014: Netherlands Society For Sleep Research (NSWO)

We the Netherlands Society For Sleep Research (NSWO) have done a web based poll on habits during the last hour before going to bed and in bed.

We were amazed with the results that we published yesterday (see PDF)

Many people use alcohol (41%), 47 % of the responders use their telephone in bed, 9% use sleeping pills and 49% of the responders mention non restorative sleep. 31% have complaints of tiredness and 20% do a nap during their working day. 40% watch TV and 35-37% surf on internet an social media, use Whatsapp and do texting in bed.

So the Netherlands has kept its obligation to have a week long awareness (Netherlands National Sleep WEEK) for the stressing of importance of enough sleep by interviews on local and national radio stations, TV, internet, social media and newspapers.

March 12, 2014
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