Israel 2019: Avi Barssessat

Delegate: Avi Barssessat

Affiliations: Hollandia

Short Bio: Avi Barssessat is the CEO and owner of Hollandia international, and the Israeli representative for the world sleep day for the last few years

Activity: Hollandia’s beautiful and special event for the World sleep day at the 15th of March 2019,

It’s was a journalist exclusive event at a “WE WORK” style center which we launched the special “Sleeping pod” the pod will allow workers from the center to have a nice NAP at noon.
A wonderful chef breakfast was served.

Participants at our event:

Avi Barssessat the CEO of Hollandia International and Author of his new book ” NAP”

Leading Israeli newspaper journalists

TV News Reporters

Top Israeli opinion bloggers

Location: Tel Aviv

Date of Activity: 14.3.2019

Submitted By: Avi Barssessat