Indonesia 2018: Nushrotul Lailiyya

Delegate: Nushrotul Lailiyya, MD

Affiliations: PERDOSSI

Activity: This year we in Indonesia celebrate World Sleep Day 2018 with some activity, such as scientific talk show about sleep disorder on national television, local radio, and internet (webinar), community talk show for sleep awareness, fun games, and city tour with local old bicycles community (Paguyuban Sapedah Baheula Bandoeng).We also do screening for sleep disorder by asking STOPBANG questionnaire to the people who joined Car Free Day (CFD) on Sunday, 18th March at Dago street, Bandung. People in Bandung enthusiast joining our WSD 2018 event.

Location: Dago Road, Bandung, Indonesia

Date of Activity: 18th March 2018

Submitted By: Abhirama