Georgia 2019: Tamar Aladashvili

Delegate: Tamar Aladashvili

Affiliations: Tengiz Oniani Laboratory of Sleep-Wakefulness Cycle Study, Ilia State University, Tbilisi, Georgia

Short Bio: Tamar Aladashvili is a MD and PhD student in Neuroscience at Ilia State University, Tbilisi, Georgia.
Her research is focused on the chronic alcoholization influence on female rats’ brain integrative activity (Sleep, Learning and Memory, Motivational-Emotional Behavior).

Activity: By the initiative of the Tengiz Oniani Laboratory of Sleep-Wakefulness Cycle Study were prepared leaflets in Georgian, based on the WSD 2019 toolkit on the sleep importance for healthy aging according to current slogan “Healthy sleep – Healthy aging”. Flyers contain information on the importance of sleep for health, well-being and safety and 10 commandments for healthy sleep habits.
Tamar Aladashvili with co-workers of the Tengiz Oniani Lab. of Sleep-Wakefulness Cycle Study Mariam Tsaava and Ekaterine Khachaturovi, conducted the educational lecture up to 13 age pupils and teachers of the Private School “Nino”, with the aim of increasing public awareness regarding the importance of the sleep hygiene and good sleep habits in order to be healthy in adulthood to promote healthy aging. They were given some advises and recommendations how to maintain their healthy sleep hygiene at any age.
At the end of the event between the participants were distributed the flyers with the sleep hygiene recommendations and with other important information regarding the sleep.

Location: Tbilisi,Georgia

Date of Activity: 19.03.2019

Submitted By: Tamar Aladashvili