Georgia 2013: Research Center at Ilia State UniversityResearch Center – T. Oniani Lab. of Sleep-Wakefulness Cycle Studies, Ilia State University

The Research Center – T. Oniani Lab. of Sleep Wakefulness Cycle Studies at Ilia State University) prepared 4 flyers in Georgian – (1)Why sleep is important, (2) Sleep hygiene tips for children, (3) for adults, and (4) drowsy driving. To raise awareness about importance of sleep and deliver the message on the existence of WSD to the general public, we prepared two pages of information on the importance of sleep at any age, on the importance of public awareness about sleep, sleep importance for Health and Safety, and on World Sleep Day. This information was delivered to whole country through Online Information Agency In addition, the article contained the announcement about open lecture on sleep – “What we know, we don’t know and need to know” at Ilia State University on March 15.

On March 15, at 10.30 I took part on a TV program at the TV channel “Maestro” to deliver message about World Sleep Day to the public audience. I also had a lecture at Ilia State University and we distributed flyers to the audience. The day was very fruitful and people were very interested.
Those activities were supported by Ilia State University and SCOPES project.

Submitted by Dr. Natalie Darchia, PhD
Assoc. Prof. at Ilia State University