France 2019: French Institute of Sleep and Vigilance

Delegate: French Institute of Sleep and Vigilance

Affiliations: French Institute of Sleep and Vigilance

Short Bio: Association law of 1901 founded in 2000 on the initiative of the French Society for Research and Sleep Medicine (SFRMS), the National Institute of Sleep and Vigilance (INSV) brings together persons working in the register of the prevention, awareness, health education – sleep – vigilance.
Interface of communication and prevention on sleep in France, the INSV works for the recognition of sleep as an essential factor of health.
The INSV organizes preventive actions for the general public: Sleep Day, conferences and workshops in the companies (nap, rhythm management, jet-lag), prevention stands, etc.
The INSV also organizes thematic Paramedical Sleep Meetings. These sessions target prevention officers, paramedical actors, health services or HR.
Finally, with its Scientific Advisory Board, INSV realises information tools on the most common and specific issues. A barometer of the sleep of the French population completes each year its media library.

Activity: 19th Sleep Day – Theme: Impact of lifestyles on our sleep
Time management, personal life balance, hyperconnection, eating habits, sedentary lifestyle, stress … specialists will draw the french public’s attention to the link between our lifestyles and the quality of our sleep.
Main actions :
• Media campaign and OpinionWay national survey on sleep and lifestyles.
• Free and open events organized by sleep centers and specialized structures in about 50 cities: open day, conferences with specialists, workshops, meetings with patient associations, exhibitions, etc.
• Website : map of actions, information on sleep problems and interactive tools (quizzes, tests …)

Location: Paris

Date of Activity: March 22, 2019

Submitted By: Delphine Eriau