Egypt 2018: Nevin Zaki & Nesreen Elmorsy

Delegate: Nevin Zaki & Nesreen Elmorsy


Affiliations: Dept of Psychiatry Faculty of Medicine-Mansoura University

Short Bio: I am an assistant professor of psychiatry –Mansoura University Egypt; I am also the manager of sleep research unit at the Department of Psychiatry –Faculty of Medicine –Mansoura University. I had my doctorate degree in a visiting research fellowship to Oxford university –UK.
Won the AASM mini-international fellowship twice 2012, 2014.
Honored by the Egyptian medical syndicate as the best physician 2015
Passed the ESRS Somnologist Exam 2016
Won World sleep day distinguished activity award from the world sleep society in 2017 and i am the middle east coordinator for the WSD
Research interests in the associations of sleep and psychiatric disorders and circadian rhythm disruptions

Activity: We conducted a scientific activity holding the topic of chronobiology and circadian rhythms as the major title for the activity.We invited physicians from different medical specialties to participate as speakers, we had guest speakers from other Egyptian universities (Prof Maha Youssef -Menoufia faculty of medicine )and attendees from different departments.
the event was promoted on the faculty FB page and also by direct invitations .undergraduate and postgraduate students attended the activity.furthermore, guests from the faculty of nursing and our sleep technicians were also there.
The Faculty Dean (Prof Elsaid Abdel-Hady)and Vice Dean for community affairs(prof.Nesrene Omar)were invited and they offered appreciation certificates to the team members who organized and won the WSD distinguished activity award in 2017.
the scientific session was followed by interesting discussions.The sleep industry companies attended to offer hands-on demonstrations.
A video summarizing the day, and also the scientific schedule is available: Watch the video

Download the Scientific Schedule

Location: Post graduate lecture hall-Faculty of Medicine Mansoura University

Date of Activity: 22-march 2018

Submitted By: Nevin Zaki (Middle east coordinator for WSD)