Egypt 2015: Dr. Nevin Zaki

A visiting research fellow at the Dept. of circadian neuroscience (Oxford university) where I learned analyzing data from actigraphy from Prof Russel foster, Kathirina Wulff and Prof.Guy Goodwin. A few years later I was awarded the AASM minifellowship award twice and attended Penn sleep center in 2012 and Pittsburgh sleep center in 2014. I managed to submit several capacity building research projects to initiate the foundation step of the Mansoura University Sleep Lab. Very recently I have been awarded the gift of honor from the Egyptian medical syndicate for my efforts in sleep medicine.  This activity was educative to physician assistants and employees of the university.

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zaki UntitledDr. Nevin Zaki, MD, PhD
Psychiatry .MSc neurology Mini-fellow of the AASM
Affiliation: Dept. of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura university