Colombia 2019: leslie Vargas

Delegate: leslie Vargas


Short Bio: The instituto neumologico del oriente, is a private institution whose purpose is to provide specialized health services in the comprehensive care of the population of eastern Colombia with respiratory diseases or at risk of presenting them; with high human, scientific and technological quality.

Activity: In the el INSTITUTO NEUMOLOGICO DEL ORIENTE, education sessions were held for patients and family members with the aim of teaching sleep hygiene habits. An oath was established in which the assistants commit themselves to defend their sleep hours and to teach their family and friends to sleep better.
An interview was made in a space of the local television channel talking about the importance of good sleep and the need to teach good sleep habits from childhood.

Location: Bucaramanga – Colombia

Date of Activity: 12/03/2019

Submitted By: Leslie Katherine Vargas Ramìrez