Canada 2017: Pam Nease Sleep

Delegate: Pam Nease Sleep

Affiliations: Founding Member of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants


Blog post, Newsletter, social media posting, and a sleep sale for full private consultations.

Location: Kelowna, BC, Canada

Date: March 14-17, 2017

Submitted by: Pam Nease Sleep
Short Bio:
Described as a miracle worker by her clients, Pam Nease left a successful career in the Fall of 2009 to open up her own business as a Pediatric Sleep Consultant. She rescues babies and children from the plight of sleep deprivation by showing parents how to give their little ones the beautiful gift and skill of sleep.

Pam meets with clients in person, via Skype and Facetime or over the phone. She also offers group seminars.

She has appeared on the radio and television and is a regular contributor to a variety of magazines and parenting websites. She is also a sought after keynote speaker for Baby Fairs, Schools, and other events.

Based in Kelowna BC, she has a growing local & international clientele which ranges from single parents to NHL Hockey Players, Celebrities, Nurses, Family Physicians, Lactation Consultants, Pediatricians and Doulas.