Belgium 2020: Prof. Dr. Johan Verbraecken / Multidisciplinary Sleep Disorders Centre Antwerp University Hospital and University of Antwerp (Belgium)

Delegate: Prof. Dr. Johan Verbraecken

Affiliations: Multidisciplinary Sleep Disorders Centre Antwerp University Hospital and University of Antwerp (Belgium)

Short Bio: President Belgian Association for Sleep research and Sleep medicine (BASS)
Pulmonologist and medical coordinator Multidisciplinary Sleep Disorders Centre

Activity: The Belgian and Dutch sleep societies are proud to announce that a new book “Sleep and sleep disorders. A practical handbook.” is available on the market since early March. It is a very comprehensive, complete and up-to-date book on sleep medicine at an affordable prize (864 pages, 120 €).

The book can be ordered via an electronic platform:

Sleep and sleep disorders is a practical guide for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders in daily practice and gives an in-depth overview of the most important sleep disorders, supplemented with fundamental aspects of sleep. This comprehensive basic volume presents the physiology and pathophysiology as well as the clinical approaches and treatments of sleep disorders, paying special attention to paediatric sleep disorders.

Its contents are enriched by illustrations, flowcharts and a detailed index. This textbook is aimed at professionals in sleep and general medicine, such as physicians, biomedical doctors, laboratory technicians, nurse practitioners and pulmonary function analysts, and will also be of interest to scientists conducting fundamental research, psychologists, students, and others who are interested in studying sleep.

Sleep and sleep disorders combines the knowledge of an international and multidisciplinary team of more than 100 experienced teachers and clinicians working at different academic sleep centres. The book was compiled by Johan Verbraecken, Bertien Buyse, Hans Hamburger, Viviane van Kasteel and Reindert van Steenwijk. The foreword is by Mary Morrell, professor of Sleep and Respiratory Physiology at the National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London.

Location: Antwerp (Belgium)

Date of Activity: 2020

Submitted By: Johan Verbraecken