Belgium 2018: Ibrahim Alfa Adamu

Delegate: Ibrahim Alfa Adamu

Affiliations: Diplomat, Embassy of Nigeria, Brussels, Belgium

Short Bio: Of a humble background. Fairly educated and owning a modest family. A public servant privileged to render services in accordance with the mandate of his work. Met, associated and cultivated friendships with professional colleagues from virtually all six continents. Visited quite a number of countries mostly in official capacities. Appreciates the good naturedness of the human character and the quest of the average man to seek for justice, fairness and opportunity to be better and to better the condition of the less privileged. The best investment in his opinion is investment in making people to be better in their human and material environment and to make them appreciate where they come from and where they are going, without rancor or animosity against each other and with love, respect and assistance for each other.

Activity: Random Poet. Read a Poem on sleep at:

Location: Brussels

Date of Activity: 16th March 2018

Submitted By: Ibrahim Alfa Adamu