Argentina 2020: Fabiana Fernández, DDS / E.I.S.S. Team Esquel Chubut

Delegate: Fabiana Fernández, DDS

Affiliations: E.I.S.S. Team Esquel Chubut. Argentina

Short Bio: EISS, Healthy Sleep Multidisciplinary Team, consisting of
health professionals, from different specialties, with comprehensive work criteria and
multidisciplinary diagnoses. Belonging to the city of Esquel.
The work team is made up of:
-Pneumonologist, Diploma in Sleep Medicine: Laura Bustamante
-Neurologist: Brenda D’Elio
-Medical Pediatrician: Mirta -Nutritionist: Cecilia Godoy Azzem
-Cardiologists: Adriana Torres, Damian Serebrinsky
-Otorhinolaryngologist: Carlos De Luca
-Speech therapy: Patricia Barria
-Gynecologist: Magalì Peláez.
-Dentist, Diploma in Sleep Medicine: Fabiana Fernández

Activity: Activity: We started the celebration of World Sleep Day, the first days of March, with a video shared in the media and social networks, inviting the community to an open and free chat for March 13, 2020.
Press releases:
Group video:
Interview on Radio Nacional Esquel:
Interview on FM Radio del Lake:

Interview with Diario La Portada: “A really healthy sleep must be continuous, deep and without awakening”
Talks at entry-level schools.
All this in the framework of the “World Sleep Week”.
The First Patagonian Sleep Medicine Days were also organized, to be held on April 3, 2020, aimed at the Health community, with national guests of excellence.
On Wednesday March 11th a pandemic is declared by the WHO and the Esquel Society is informed of the suspension of the event.

Location: Melipal Cultural Center, Esquel Chubut, Argentine Patagonia.

Date of Activity: 13 de Marzo de 2020

Submitted By: Fabiana Fernandez