About Us

World Sleep Day is an awareness activity of World Sleep Society, founded by World Association of Sleep Medicine (WASM) and World Sleep Federation (WSF).

Mission Statement
The fundamental mission of the World Sleep Society is to advance sleep health worldwide. World Sleep Society will fulfill this mission by promoting and encouraging education, research and patient care throughout the World, particularly in those parts of the world where the practice of sleep medicine is less developed. World Sleep Society will act as a bridge between different sleep societies and cultures, supporting and encouraging worldwide exchange of clinical information and scientific studies related to sleep medicine. World Sleep Society will seek to encourage development and exchange of information for world-wide and regional standards of practice for sleep medicine.

Goal and Purpose
The goal and purpose of the World Sleep Society is to advance knowledge about sleep, circadian rhythms, sleep health, and sleep disorders worldwide, especially in those parts of the world where this knowledge has not advanced sufficiently. This endeavor will promote clinical and scientific information for scientists, health care personnel, and the general public. The World Sleep Society will foster international exchanges among scientists, physicians, psychologists, nurses, physician assistants, technologists, and other medical and research personnel interested in the sleep field. In this manner it is expected that sleep science and medicine can advance for all populations to improve the quality of life of individuals throughout the world. The World Sleep Society will promote world-wide sleep health by advancing public education, supporting public policies related to sleep health, and supporting sleep research. World Sleep Society currently represents individual members, societies, and organizes the World Sleep Congress every other year.

For more information and inquires, please email the World Sleep Society’s administrative office at info@worldsleepsociety.org.

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