Venezuela 2020: Clínica Soñares / AVEMSU

Delegate: Clínica Soñares

Affiliations: AVEMSU

Short Bio: The Clinica Soñares is a Private Institute of Sleep Medicine and Respiratory Diseases, founded in 1996 with the Name of Servicios Respiratorios K-26. We are the first sleep laboratory in Venezuela and the only one that has a Somnology practice, as well as the training of medical and technical personnel in polysomnography and sleep medicine. Within our activities, we give talks to our staff and the patient community, about the importance of healthy sleep and the care of sleeping disorders. We perform polysomnography, multiple sleep latency tests and we guide and educate patients who require the use of CPAP and other devices, for the treatment of their sleep-related respiratory disorders.
Our Executive President and Medical Manager is Claudio Cárdenas M.D., Founder of the Venezuelan Academy of Sleep Medicine (AVEMSU), Member of the Board of Directors of FLASS, and a member of the AASM and WSS.

Activity: Conferencia: “Mejor Sueño, Mejor Vida, Mejor Planeta” en el Colegio de Enfermería Centro Médico de Caracas
Entrenamiento para estudiantes de Enfermeria/Nursing Student Training

Location: Caracas, Venezuela

Date of Activity: March 09, 2020

Submitted By: Clínica Soñares