Venezuela 2015: Oscar Medina Ortiz

Activity: On March 11 the activity of the world day sleep was conducted with a lecture on the new classification of sleep disorders, by Professor Oscar medina. Participating psychiatrists, neurologists and pulmonologists. On March 16 the professor spoke on the radio show “to your health” (88.9 FM) in Caracas, about insomnia and its treatment.

Location: San Cristóbal and Caracas, Venezuela

Date: March 11 and March 16


Oscar Medina Ortiz, MD. PhD | Venezuela

Short Bio: Psychiatrist. Specialist in Sleep Medicine, PhD in Neuroscience, Professor of Psychiatry and Sleep Medicine at the University of the Andes, Venezuela.

Affiliation: University of the Andes, San Cristóbal, Venezuela. AASM and WASM Member