USA 2022: William Rekshan | DreamWell, a Public Benefit Corporation

Delegate: William Rekshan

Affiliation: DreamWell, a Public Benefit Corporation

Short Bio: William Rekshan is the CEO of DreamWell, a Public Benefit Corporation. DreamWell has the mission to support the natural well-being of all dreamers everywhere by building engaging digital tools that promote and inspire healthy sleep and dreams.

William coauthored scientific papers in sleep research and psychology, before helping to build award winning mobile applications.

Activity: DreamWell ( is launching a 7-day audio course, the Journey to Sleep Well, on March 18, 2022. DreamWell is an iOS and android mobile app that offers sleep, dream, and mood tracking as well as science-based audio tracks to encourage better sleep and dreams.

The aim of this 7-day audio course is to encourage excitement about sleep by discussing the science of sleep and how to get better sleep.

The 7-day course will be released on World Sleep Day 2022. It will be promoted within the App Store as an In-App Event.

Location: USA

Date of Activity: March 18, 2022

Submitted by: William Rekshan