USA 2021: Mark Patterson | Day4NAPs

Delegate: Mark Patterson, MD, PhD

Affiliation: Day4NAPs

Short Bio: I am a general pediatrician who has been involved in narcolepsy-related projects following the diagnosis of a close family member over 16 years ago. In addition to my daily clinical work, I teach medical students and pediatric physician trainees, give presentations at local/national/international venues, and currently serve as the President of the non-profit Day4NAPs (Day for Narcolepsy Awareness Projects).

Activity: In an effort to raise awareness about sleep disorders, I have requested that the Governor of Virginia proclaim 20 March 2021 to be ‘Narcolepsy Awareness Day’. Attached is a copy of the 2020 proclamation.

Location: Virginia

Date of Activity: 20-Mar-21

Submitted by: Mark Patterson, MD, PhD