USA 2021: Madalyn Worley | Mental Health America of Greater Dallas

Delegate: Madalyn Worley

Affiliations: Mental Health America of Greater Dallas

Short Bio: Mental Health America of Greater Dallas (MHA Dallas) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working to promote mental wellness through community education and policy advocacy. Put simply, MHA Dallas serves as a catalyst to identify, assess and respond to mental health needs in the community. As a facilitator and coordinator for local mental health service providers, MHA Dallas operates through strategic long-range planning along with immediate responses to community crises as they arise. In addition to our efforts to supply information, education and advocacy related to mental health issues, we also provide preventive programs designed to equip high-risk populations (including children, the homeless and the indigent) with information and skills to combat stress and adversity. Through collaboration with other service providers, MHA Dallas is building a powerful local movement to address the needs of those without affordable and accessible mental health services in the Dallas area.

Activity: We want to promote World Sleep Day on a social media post to highlight the intersection of healthy sleep patterns to promote health mental health. I included a sample graphic we would use.

Location: Dallas, Texas

Date of Activity: March 19th

Submitted By: Madalyn Worley