USA 2021: Amy Hahn, LMHC | D’Youville College

Delegate: Amy Hahn, LMHC

Affiliation: D’Youville College

Short Bio: Amy is a licensed mental health counselor in NY and works full-time at D’Youville College as their in-person counselor. D’Youville is a private, urban college located in Buffalo, NY with over 3,000 students. D’Youville offers more than 50 majors in undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral studies including advanced certificates and accelerated learning programs. D’Youville is known for their healthcare fields such as nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, chiropractors and doctors of pharmacy.

Activity: Amy and Michael, the campus wellness coordinator, will hold a sleep awareness event for students. We will have information on healthy sleep habits, yoga poses to help sleep, and we will be giving away packages of essential oil infused shower steamers, relaxing herbal tea, and scented lotions to the first 75 students. Insomnia cookies will be provided for students who attend. We will also be holding a live question and answer on Instagram during this time to answer questions on sleep and have a raffle for students to win a noise machine and D’Youville blanket.

Location: D’Youville College Campus – The Park in KAB

Date of Activity: 19-Mar-21

Submitted by: Amy Hahn, LMHC