USA 2021: Alex Somers

Delegate: Alex Somers

Short Bio: Alex Somers is an American composer and producer who now resides in Los Angeles, having spent time in Reykjavík, Iceland, where he studied visual art at the Academy of the Arts. Alex was born in Baltimore and studied composition at Berklee College of Music in Boston. Since releasing the 2009 ambient album Riceboy Sleeps with Jónsi (Sigur Rós), Alex has collaborated with artists including Julianna Barwick, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Gyða Valtýsdóttir, as well as co-producing Jónsi’s debut album Go and Sigur Rós’s 2013 album Valtari. Alex has scored for both TV and film. His most recent projects include Angel Manuel Soto’s ‘Charm City Kings’, Taylor Swift’s documentary ‘Miss Americana’ and documentary ‘Audrey’, following the life of Audrey Hepburn. 2021 will see the release of Alex’s debut solo albums ‘Siblings’ and ‘Siblings 2’.

Activity: Since he was a teenager, Alex Somers has been making ‘sleep music’, with the overlapping space between music, sleep, imagination and time feeling so relevant to his music and life. The release of his upcoming debut albums ‘Siblings’ and ‘Siblings 2’ happen to coincide with this year’s World Sleep Day and in celebration, Alex will be throwing a listening party commencing at midnight in local time zones to create an all inclusive slumber party celebrating the delicious overlap of sleep and music. Simply put the album on loop at a low, cozy volume and listen as you drift off to sleep. Participants are also invited to record any dreams they can recall in the morning and share photos of their listening environment.

Location: Worldwide

Date of Activity: 19/03/21

Submitted By: Alex Somers