USA 2020: Soda Kuczkowski / START WITH SLEEP

Delegate: Soda Kuczkowski | Sleep Health Educator

Affiliations: START WITH SLEEP

Short Bio: START WITH SLEEP serves as a community resource for sleep health education. Whether you are looking to address sleep challenges or simply improve the quality of your sleep, we provide the education + tools to help you achieve your goals. We serve in this mission by providing sleep health programming for hospitals, schools and for corporate wellness initiatives. We also provide services including sleep coaching + consulting, as well as a retail boutique with curated tools to support the education.

Activity: We will be presenting at the 4th Annual Buffalo Niagara Corporate Wellness Summit, presented by Lawley Insurance and the American Heart Association on “Sleep + Heart Health”. This all-day event gives participants an opportunity to network with local and regional thought-leaders and industry experts to learn about integrating strategies to create a resilient workforce and connect the dots between physical, mental, nutritional, and financial health.
Our program will focus on why sleep is essential for a healthy heart, ways to implement individual healthier sleep habits and why employer groups would benefit greatly from creating sleep health policies to improve both physical and mental health in the workplace. Individuals who do not sleep enough are at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease —regardless of age, weight, smoking and exercise habits. Sleeping well, meaning getting enough good quality sleep is important to helping lower the risks of these conditions.
“According to a recent statement from the American Heart Association, an irregular sleep pattern (one that varies from the seven- to nine-hour nightly norm) is linked to a host of cardiovascular risks, including obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and coronary artery disease”.

Location: Hotel Henry, 444 Forest Ave, Buffalo, NY 14213, United States

Date of Activity: March 12, 2020