USA 2020: Ruth Marion / The Sleep Forum

Delegate: Ruth Marion

Affiliations: The Sleep Forum

Short Bio: The Sleep Forum ( reports on sleep for everyone. Through personal interviews, podcasts, articles, studies and news releases, The Sleep Forum provides the latest trends in the sleep industry. The Sleep Forum focuses on healthy sleep for everyone and understands that better sleep means a healthier, happier and more productive person. The Sleep Forum supports non profit groups for people with sleep disorders by helping to raising awareness and funds.

Activity: We will continue to stress the importance of getting healthy sleep on our site and on our social media. We will continue to support non-profit organizations that want to help those with sleep disorders. We will include #worldsleepday of course whenever we can.
Our activity will be a series of podcasts on THE SLEEP FORUM SLEEP BETTER PODCAST SERIES sponsored by WORLD SLEEP DAY!

Location: Podcasting Series Every Week Sponsored by World Sleep Day

Date of Activity: January 13 – March 13

Submitted By: Ruth Marion, Editor