USA 2020: Mark Patterson, MD, PhD / Day4NAPs, Carilion Clinic

Delegate: Mark Patterson, MD, PhD

Affiliations: Day4NAPs, Carilion Clinic

Short Bio: I am a general pediatrician who has been involved in narcolepsy-related projects following the diagnosis of a close family member over 15 years ago. In addition to my daily clinical work I teach medical students and pediatric physician trainees, give presentations at local/national/international venues, and currently serve as the President of the non-profit Day4NAPs (Day for Narcolepsy Awareness Projects).

Activity: I arranged for Virginia Governor Ralph S. Northam to proclaim 14 March 2020 to be ‘Narcolepsy Awareness Day’. By his proclamation, he calls “this observance to the attention of all” citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Location: Virginia, USA

Date of Activity: 14 March 2020

Submitted By: Mark Patterson, MD, PhD