USA 2020: Kristina Grabnickas / AANP

Delegate: Kristina Grabnickas

Affiliations: AANP

Short Bio: Promoted to Clinical Coordinator at UCFs medical school student health satellite clinic since its opening of 2009. I manage, treat, diagnose all the medical students and Faculty and staff from Monday through Thursday. On Fridays I practice at UCF’s main campus health center which is the second largest University in the U.S. My practice includes urgent care, womens health, minor surgeries, and adult and adolescent medicine. I developed the Sleep workshop called “Get a Good Knights sleep” for all the students since 2008.I also started the mandatory workshop for 2nd year medical students on their Orientation week with my “Good Sleep Good Health Good Life” workshop.

Activity: Teaching importance of sleep to Nurses and Teachers. The workshop includes Sleep and the Brain, ways to obtain a great nights sleep and dangers of sleep deprivation .

Location: Orlando Florida

Date of Activity: April 4th 2020 at 5pm

Submitted By: Kristina Grabnickas APRN