USA 2020: Kim Preveza / Life Full Yoga

Delegate: Kim Preveza

Affiliations: Life Full Yoga

Short Bio: Kim is the owner of Life Full Yoga. She began her certifications in 1998, as well as having a Masters of Divinity from Harvard in 1996. Her unique style combines the elements of the body, mind, and spirit. She brings over 18 years of teaching experience, a life time of practice (over 35 years — she had scoliosis as a child), and a down to earth style that incorporates the body, mind, and spirit. Kim is inspired by the teachings of the Viniyoga style, and her past teachers who taught Iyengar and Kripalu style yoga. Kim is also inspired by yoga philosophy and the ancient sacred texts of yoga. She also teaches Yoga Nidra a Yoga Sleep Meditation

Activity: Yoga Nidra, Yoga Sleep Meditation

Location: Life Full Yoga, 119 Samson Rock Dr, Madison, CT 06443

Date of Activity: March 15

Submitted By: Kim Preveza