USA 2020: Joseph Anderson / Sovah Health

Delegate: Joseph Anderson

Affiliations: Sovah Health

Short Bio: Joe is a frequent international speaker and educator who is multi-credentialed in Sleep, Clinical Sleep Health Education, Respiratory Therapy, and Pulmonary Function.

  • He is an author of numerous sleep and respiratory publications and texts including being a contributing author to the new 3rd edition of Fundamentals of Sleep Technology with Dr. Lee-Chiong.
  • He developed the sleep industry’s first digital interactive sleep education program, the industry’s first sleep podcast series, and the industry’s first sleep education app for both Apple & Android.
  • He co-founded and is still the Director of Education of the world’s oldest continuous non-brick and mortar Sleep Education Company which has trained hundreds of working sleep techs, including many leaders in Virginia.
  • He actively volunteers his time with the American Association of Sleep Technologists (AAST), the Board of Registered Polysomnography Technologist (BRPT), the American Board of Sleep Medicine (ABSM), and the American Sleep Apnea Association (ASAA).
  • His management roles include positions such as operations, product & clinical manager; director; and patient coordinator. He has been vice president of multi-million-dollar international companies. He is a leading developer in the areas of sleep education and “specialized” sleep rural outreach programs.
  • Joe was in the Military Intelligence Division of the US Army and has worked for the Veterans Hospital Administration supervising a Sleep Disorders Center while developing programs for sleep telehealth and ways to reduce hospital readmissions, and also volunteered as a Lean Yellow/Brown Belt instructor.
  • Currently he lives in Virginia and works as Clinical Manager of Sleep, EEG, Wound Care, and Hyperbaric Medicine for SOVAH Health – Martinsville.
  • He is developing and producing a new podcast called “The Sleep Talk Show” which launches in the winter of 2020. He remains a very active speaker and educator.

Activity: Community event showcasing the Sovah Health Integrated Sleep Disorders Center in Martinsville, Virginia

Location: Martinsville, Virginia USA

Date of Activity: March 12, 2020

Submitted By: Joseph Anderson