USA 2020: Joanna Wrede, MD / Seattle Children’s Hospital; University of Washington

Delegate: Joanna Wrede, MD

Affiliations: Seattle Children’s Hospital; University of Washington

Short Bio: Joanna Wrede, MD is board certified Pediatric Neurologist and Sleep Medicine specialist practicing at Seattle Children’s Hospital, and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Neurology with the University of Washington.

The Sleep Disorders Center at Seattle Children’s sees children of all ages for a wide range of sleep disorders, including sleep apnea, insomnia, restless legs syndrome, narcolepsy, and many other sources of sleep disturbance.

Activity: In the spirit of social distancing and people around the world now working from home, we created a “Sleeping in Seattle” photo collage of Sleep medicine team members in pajamas. This was shared on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) along with informational links, to promote World Sleep Day awareness and healthy sleep.

Location: Seattle, Washington, USA

Date of Activity: 3/13/2020

Submitted By: Joanna Wrede, MD