USA 2019: Dr. Alison Kole & Kerry Kelley

Delegate: Dr. Alison Kole & Kerry Kelley, RN

Affiliations: Summit Medical Group

Short Bio: Director of Outpatient Sleep Services, Alison S. Kole, MD, MPH, FACCP, specializes in sleep disorders, including sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and REM Behavior Disorder.
Dr. Kole’s research interests are primarily devoted to the relationship between sleep apnea syndromes and cardiovascular disease as well as insomnia and sleep disordered breathing. She also is interested in the relationship between sleep disordered breathing and women’s health. Dr. Kole is the author and coauthor of articles and abstracts on these and related topics, which are published in prestigious, peer-reviewed scientific journals, including Advances in Pulmonary Hypertension. She has delivered local, regional, and national invited presentations in her field. She believes in emphasizing healthy lifestyle behaviors to promote positive change in her patients’ lives.
Dr. Kole is a fellow of the American College of Chest Physicians and a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, and American Thoracic Society.
Kerry Kelley is the Manager of the Sleep Disorders Center for Summit Medical Group. Kerry is a Registered Nurse, Respiratory Therapist, and Polysomnographic Sleep Technologist who has over two decades experience in sleep medicine. She is passionate about sleep medicine and enjoys working with patients to help optimize their outcomes.

Activity: Summit Medical Group started celebrating World Sleep Day on March 8th by kicking off a sleep challenge which culminated on World Sleep Day, March 15! Our patients and employees were asked to participate in the “Rest for Success Challenge” by committing to get 7 hours of sleep a night for 7 nights. We had a robust turnout for the challenge. The participants completed a survey prior to and following the challenge. They were also provided with tips to ensure success with their 7hour – 7day goal. The post-challenge survey indicated that 80% of the participants noticed an improvement in their mood and 98.44% of the participants commenting that they would be likely to make 7 hours of sleep a priority.
Public presentations to discuss sleep hygiene and sleep disorders included Dr. Alison Kole’s and Kerry Kelley’s presentation titled, “The ABCs of Your ZZZs” at the Montclair Public library in Montclair, NJ.

The following was published in our on-line newsletter, The Summit Insider:
7 Day Sleep Challenge – Rest for Success

Ready for a challenge that will improve your mind, performance, and wellbeing? The 2019 World Sleep Day’s slogan is “Healthy Sleep, Healthy Aging.” Are you getting enough sleep? The answer is probably no. Nursing and mental health professionals are among the most sleep-deprived occupations. To promote healthy sleep among our Summit Medical Group employees we are promoting a 7 hours 7 days Sleep Challenge.

Poor sleep can negatively affect your life and increase fatigue, anxiety, depression, and anger. Inadequate sleep puts employees at greater risk for burn-out. The National Sleep Foundation recommends 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night for adults. Most of us acknowledge that sleep makes us feel better. We feel more alert, more energetic, happier, and better able to function following a good night of sleep. We challenge you to prioritize your sleep by making lifestyle changes to ensure 7 hours of sleep a night during the challenge.

In addition to the gift of better sleep, all participants will be entered into a drawing to win a sleep-related prize!

The challenge begins on Friday, March 8th and culminates on World Sleep Day – Friday, March 15th. Answer the questions below before you begin the challenge. Once you have completed the seven-day challenge, complete the Post-Challenge survey below by March 20th to be entered to win one of the following prizes:

Prize #1 Brooklinen gift card
Prize #2 Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser
Prize #3 Verilux HappyLight Compact Therapy Lamp

Take the Pre-Challenge Survey
1. How many hours of sleep do you average each night? ______
2. Do you awaken feeling well rested? ______
3. Do you have difficulty “powering down” prior to bed? ______
4. Do you believe sleep can improve your mood? ______

Beginning March 8th, 2019, set the goal of achieving 7 hours of sleep each night.
Here are some tips which will help ensure success with the challenge:
 Get natural light within the first 20 minutes of waking
 Open blinds, move closer to a window and take a “sun break” during the day
 Avoid your tablet, phone, and PC for at least 60 minutes before bed! The blue light emitted from the screen reduces the melatonin (the hormone which makes us sleepy) production. If possible, turn the phone on airplane mode prior to bed.
 Avoid caffeine 6 hours before bed
 Stick to a sleep schedule
 Don’t nap after 3:00 p.m.
 Eat foods high in fiber and low in sugar
 Avoid stimulants like alcohol and nicotine 3-4 hours before bed
 Exercise for 30 minutes or more during the day (do not exercise 2-3
hours before bed)
 Dim all lights and avoid bright light for 30 minutes prior to bed
 Make the bedroom as dark as possible (unplug electronics that glow, use blackout curtains, and/or sleep mask)
 Make the bedroom as cool as possible (65-70 degrees is optimal)
 Practice a bedtime ritual such as:
o Setting the mood – dim lights and turning down the thermostat
o Read or listen to an audiobook or podcast
o Jot down the best parts of your day – practice gratitude
o Review your calendar and mentally prepare for the next day while giving yourself permission to relax
o Stretch, meditate and breathe
o Try aromatherapy – using calm and relaxing essential oils like lavender or chamomile
o Take a warm bath or shower – the cool down afterward reduces your body temperature, which can promote a tranquil feeling.

If you awaken, here are some tips to help you fall back to sleep:

 If you are awake for greater than 20 minutes, get out of bed – Do something quiet and unexciting – listen to quiet music, reread something, knit or color. Avoid any electronic screens. After 20 minutes spent doing these activities, attempt to reestablish sleep.
 Keep it dim – Light signals your body to wake up.
 Release your thoughts – If thoughts, worries or ideas are keeping you up, jot them down. Revisit those nocturnal thoughts in the morning.
 Stretch, meditate or breathe.

Take the Post-Challenge Survey
1. Were you able to fulfill the goal of 7 hours of sleep each night?
2. If yes, to question 1, did you awaken feeling better rested?
3. Were you able to power down prior to bed?
4. By the final day of the challenge, did you notice an improvement
in your mood?
5. Moving forward, would you be likely to make 7 hours of sleep
a priority?
6. What sleep friendly choices helped you to achieve the 7 hours

World Sleep Day Summit Insider

Location: Summit Medical Group – New Providence, NJ Montclair Public Library, Montclair NJ

Date of Activity: March 8th- March 15th & March 22nd

Submitted By: Kerry Kelley