USA 2019: Denise Sharon / PVHMC

Delegate: Denise Sharon, MD, PhD, FAASM

Affiliations: Pomona Valley Hospital and Medical Center Adult and Children Sleep Disorders Center

Short Bio: Dr. Denise Sharon is board certified by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, currently affiliated with the Pomona Hospital Medical Center Adult and Children Sleep Disorders Center in Claremont, California. She has been practicing sleep medicine exclusively for over 20 years. Her primary specialty is in sleep disorders and her approach centers on the patient, child or adult, and his or hers psychophysiologic functioning as it relates to normal and disordered sleep in the clinical setting and in research. Her goal is to increase awareness to the health and

safety benefits of a restful sleep and the importance of diagnosing and effectively treating

sleep disorders.

Activity: We had two staffed tables one at the PVHMC itself in Pomona and one at the Outpatient Clinic in Claremont where the Sleep Disorders Center is. We provided written information about healthy sleep, sleep disorders, as well as sleep masks. We also had a free raffle tickets to win one of two pillows or a plushy blanket.

Location: Photo location: Crystal Heredia staffing our table in the lobby of PVHMC.

Date of Activity: 3/15/2019

Submitted By: Denise