USA 2018: Philips Sleep & Respiratory Care

Delegate: Philips Sleep & Respiratory Care

Short Bio: At Philips, we believe that there is always a way to help people achieve balanced, energetic and healthy lives. Sleep, like nutrition and exercise, is critical in helping everyone get the most out of life. Our growing ecosystem of solutions is rooted in nearly 40 years of deep clinical expertise in sleep technology and, today, we continue to pave the way to make good sleep accessible for everyone by connecting daily living to sleep health. There is always a way to make life better. And Philips is helping you live better through sleep.
Philips envisions a future where its total sleep ecosystem can be utilized to improve sleep and, ultimately, lives. By leveraging knowledge in the true functionality of sleep and sleep stages, the company has the opportunity to make headway toward that ultimate vision. Guided by the understanding that restful nights lead to energetic days, Philips strives to research and develop innovative empowering tools, products and services that are supported by clinical research and technical data to instill confidence and preference among those who use Philips products every day.

Activity: #NoSleepTilAustin: A Road Trip to Better Sleep
On Friday, March 9, Philips brought together influencers from all over the world to harness the energy, excitement and drama of life on the road during an unforgettable four-night journey with 8 strangers as they ask “what happens when you don’t get enough sleep?” These “roadies” went on tour from LA to Austin, discussing their views on sleep while learning the ways that Philips is committed to making life better by empowering the world to get a good night’s sleep along the way.
The tour culminated in one epic night of sleep at the 8-hour, overnight concert by internationally-renowned composer Max Richter, as he celebrated the US launch of his album, Sleep,at SXSW in Austin Texas on March 12. In amplifying the critical importance of restful sleep to the entire world, Max Richter’s 8-hour lullaby was composed alongside neuroscientists to aid relaxation, mediation and sleep.
Beyond raising awareness through education about the importance of sleep, Philips is innovating sleep solutions rooted in clinical evidence and technical data that work together to promote better health – from clinical solutions designed to better manage sleep apnea, to modern technology designed to help people start their days naturally.
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Location: Austin, Texas

Date of Activity: 3/12/18

Submitted By: Meredith Amoroso