Uruguay 2020: Cecilia Orellana / President of ASSUR (Asociación de Sueño del Uruguay)

Delegate: Cecilia Orellana

Affiliations: President of ASSUR (Asociación de Sueño del Uruguay)

Short Bio: ASSUR (Asociación de Sueño del Uruguay) is a non – profit professional society dedicated to Sleep Medicine. Our members are physicians and other health care professionals working on this field. Our mission is to promote awareness of the importance of sleep by organizing scientific meetings, and also to enhance sleep health for all through education to general public on social media.

Activity: Distribution of flyers explaining Sleep Hygiene to people entering or exiting the entrance of Hospital Maciel at Montevideo, Uruguay. We talked briefly about the importance of having an adequate sleep and to talk to a doctor if they experienced sleep disorders and to avoid self – medication. We also handed a tiny plant as a means of underlining this year’s slogan: Better sleep, Better life, Better Planet.

Location: Hospital Maciel Montevideo, Uruguay

Date of Activity: March 13th 2020

Submitted By: Cecilia Orellana