Uruguay 2017: Asociación de Sueño del Uruguay (ASSUR)

Delegate: ASSUR (Asociación de Sueño del Uruguay)

Affiliations: President of ASSUR


Activities in Montevideo during the week:
1. At the main entrance of Hospital Británico, a conmemoration banner will be displayed, staying in place for one week.
2. Flyers with information regarding the slogan and key messages of WSD 2017 will be given to patients and general public and displayed at tables in waiting rooms.
3. Dr. C. Orellana will be discussing sleep topics on March 17th at Calidad de vida, a TV program dedicated to health, disease prevention and wellbeing.
4. Social media: we have added images and information a month before the event on the web page of Asociación de Sueño del Uruguay ASSUR www.assuruy.org
5. Social Media: launching of a renewed fan page in Facebook.
Activities in Maldonado on March 17th:
1. Dr. M. Pedemonte will be holding a public talk about sleep issues at Centro Latinoamericano de Estudios Humanos CLAEH.

Video: TV program on Teledoce TV about WSD and sleep disorders, interviewing Dr. Cecilia Orellana:


Article: Publishing on the web page of Hospital Británico of Montevideo. Hospital Britanico World Sleep Day 2017

Location: Montevideo city and Maldonado city – URUGUAY

Date: Week form 17th March to 24th March

Submitted by: Cecilia Orellana, M.D.

Short Bio: ASSUR (Asociación de Sueño del Uruguay) is a professional society dedicated to the medical subspecialty of Sleep Medicine. Our members are physicians and other health care professionals working on this field. Our mission is to promote awareness of the importance of sleep by organizing scientific meetings, and also to enhance sleep health for all through education to general public on social media.