United States 2023: Ruth Marion | The Sleep Forum

Delegate: Ruth Marion

Affiliation: The Sleep Forum

Short Bio: The Sleep Forum is a news source that brings the topic of healthy sleep to everyone.  We seek out and engage with experts in different areas relating to sleep and sleep disorders and introduce them to our vast audience – YOU.

Through personal interviews and podcasts, original articles, studies and news releases, we will provide you with the latest trends and technologies in the sleep industry as it relates to ALL sleep disorders, clinical trials, work-related sleep challenges, generational and gender sleep issues, AND the importance of sleep health for your overall mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Activity: We will, once again, be doing a series of webinars from March 1 – March 17 to help raise awareness for healthy sleep and sleep disorders. These will be posted on our website and shared across all social media.

Location: The Sleep Forum

Date of Activity: March 2023

Submitted by: Ruth Marion