United States 2023: Naomi Mittet | Circadian Sleep Disorders Network

Delegate: Naomi Mittet

Affiliation: Circadian Sleep Disorders Network

Short Bio: I’m a mom with Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder and my child is sighted with Non-24 Sleep Wake Disorder. The activities I chose to do will hopefully help people understand circadian sleep disorders and how they might show up in children having sleep issues.

Activity: My first activity was to create a Blogger page explaining what others could do for World Sleep Day to help spread awareness about Sighted Non-24.

I also created a design for circadian sleep disorders with a link to csd-n.org and put it in a shop at CafePress. The design can be ordered on postcards, buttons, magnets, and coffee mugs. All funds are to be donated to the Circadian Sleep Disorders Network. https://www.cafepress.com/non24

Another activity was writing letters to my child’s former school and sleep clinic. I want them to know about the Non-24 diagnosis so they will have a better understanding in case they see a similar situation with another family.

Reaching out to journalists who cover health issues was not successful, unfortunately. Although I reached out to a couple, I did not hear back.

I will continue with my advocacy work so that circadian sleep disorders will become well-known.

Location: Seattle, Washington

Date of Activity: March 15th to May 15th, 2023.

Submitted by: Naomi Mittet