United States 2023: Harshmeet Kaur | Brandeis University

Delegate: Harshmeet Kaur

Affiliation: Brandeis University

Short Bio: Group Leaders:

Joanna Mann (Masters in Social Work Fellow)
Harshmeet Kaur (Post-Doctoral Fellow, Psychology)

Activity: March 17 2023 is the world sleep day and during this week, We pledge to promote sleep wellness among college student population @ Brandeis University, MA, USA.

Group Name: Get The Wiggles Out

Theme: Yoga for better sleep

Just like a balanced diet and movement, sleep is a behavior that is foundational to one’s physical, mental, and social well-being.The session introduces explaining the science behind yoga and sleep, introducing 5-7 yoga poses and mindfulness technique body scan to enhance sleep quality and efficiency.

Location: Brandeis Counseling Center, Brandeis University, MA, USA

Date of Activity: March 13 2023

Submitted by: Harshmeet Kaur