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Delegate: Brendan Duffy

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Short Bio: Brendan Duffy is a Registered Sleep Technologist and a Certified Sleep Educator with over 25 years of experience in clinical sleep matters and Sleep coaching for athletes.
He has worked with clinical patients and run thousands of overnight sleep studies.

He also has presented to NCAA teams and elite athletes as well as team trainers and coaches about the importance of healthy sleep for performance, recovery, and mental health.

One of his California clients recently won a medal in the World Triathlon in Abu Dhabi and had minimal jetlag symptoms after working with Brendan to prepare for the extreme circadian time shift. But it is not just about performance- it involves optimizing the performance against all obstacles an athlete encounters with travel and schedules.

Activity: Brendan was a speaker at the Philadelphia Sleep Conference and spoke about sleep to medical professionals. He related to them about the need to recognize and work with the various populations that need information outside the sleep lab.

He spoke about his work with athletes and challenged the attendees to choose an industry or profession they enjoy and reach out as he did to try and create Sleep Awareness.

He utilized various examples to show that we can make big changes to sleep attitudes and awareness with small investments of time and creativity. And Brendan spoke of how some professions need our help urgently such as transportation, shift workers, and new parents etc…

In essence the message was- find your passion and spread awareness of how sleep is a vital sign of health! -for everyone! not just sleep lab patients !

Location: Philadelphia , Pennsylvania

Date of Activity: 3/24/23

Submitted by: Brendan Duffy