United States 2022: Soda Kuczkowski | Sleep Health Educator + Certified Adult Sleep Coach | START WITH SLEEP

Delegate: Soda Kuczkowski | Sleep Health Educator + Certified Adult Sleep Coach


Short Bio: Soda Kuczkowski is a Sleep Health Educator and Certified Sleep Coach who has passionately worked in the field of sleep medicine and sleep health for the past 15 years. She is the founder of START WITH SLEEP, an organization that serves as a community resource for sleep health advocacy by providing programming and training for health professionals, school systems, and corporate wellness initiatives, as well as hosts a retail boutique of curated sleep tools. She provides global seminars, sleep consulting as well as sleep coaching services. She is certified in maternity, child, and adult sleep health.

Activity: We know that when we get good, consistent sleep that it can help support our physical, mental, and emotional health in a number of ways. What you may not know is that there are distinct types of rest, all of them vital to help you reach a place where you can lay down your head and heed the benefits. To achieve the physical rest that eludes many, we must address the sources of restlessness that have led one-third of the population to be in a constant state of depletion.

Too often we guilt ourselves into feeling bad about unfinished tasks and place our sense of worth on how much we can accomplish in a day. We feel we must earn our sleep when it is a biological need, not a luxury. Sleep is a catalyst to help us achieve both our personal and professional goals.

This World Sleep Day 2022, I will be providing education to SUNY Erie Community College on the new area of focus in our programs for this year, “Learning to Rest”. I will be sharing ways to not only promote quality sleep (physical rest) but also address the other forms of rest needed to help you finally feel your best.

Location: Buffalo, New York

Date of Activity: March 18, 2022

Submitted by: START WITH SLEEP