United States 2022: Paula Riola, CRNP | Air Products and Chemicals. Inc

Delegate: Paula Riola, CRNP

Affiliation: Air Products and Chemicals. Inc

Activity: Air Products and Chemicals-Obstructive Sleep Apnea Program
Began in December 2018
Voluntary program for CDL drivers in USA
Promoted at least quarterly during safety meetings

Sponsored by:
Driver Management Team
Global Health and Wellness

Air Products really cares about our drivers and their health!
Testing done at the convenience of drivers own home – no time away from work.
It’s voluntary.
There is no initial cost to drivers or to one’s insurance company.
If confirmed to have OSA and CPAP treatment is started, safety is of paramount concern. Nearly all treatment recipients report improved health, alertness and quality of life within a short period of time.

Follow FMCSA Medical Review Board 2016 Recommendations for who should be tested for OSA.
Drivers work directly with the vendor.
Drivers volunteer for the program:
Receive the Home Sleep Test at their home, complete the test and mail it back to the vendor.
Vendor/sleep doctor analyzes the Home Sleep Test and provides the report to the drivers.
If the Home Sleep Test confirms OSA, vendor provides the CPAP machine and supplies. Vendor will assist the drivers in monitoring their compliance reports.
There is no disruption to work schedule upon OSA diagnosis – drivers continue to drive.

Location: CDL drivers across USA

Date of Activity: Manager safety meeting 3/16/2022

Submitted by: Paula Riola, CRNP