United States 2022: Kali Patrick | Sleep & Well-being Coach

Delegate: Kali Patrick

Affiliation: Sleep & Well-being Coach

Short Bio: Kali Patrick is a sleep and well-being coach who works virtually from Boston MA. She combines health & wellness coaching with therapeutic applications of yoga & meditation to help stressed-out busy professionals reclaim their sleep, energy, and enthusiasm for life. Learn more about Kali and her programs at KaliSleepCoach.com.

Activity: 3 Myths Preventing You from Sleeping Better

Starting Tuesday, March 8th 2022, I’m going to debunk 3 popular sleep myths.
In this free series you’ll learn:

– why a popular recommendation about getting out of bed often backfires
– how one of your best qualities may actually be draining your energy
– the ultimate answer to the question about naps
– how to start re-framing your sleep mindset to get real, long-term results
– different factors required to restore sleep to its place as an EASY, natural part of your life!

Location: Virtual / Online

Date of Activity: Tues March 8 – Friday March 18

Submitted by: Kali Patrick