United States 2022: Amy Hahn | D’Youville University

Delegate: Amy Hahn

Affiliation: D’Youville University

Short Bio: D’Youville University is a private university in the Buffalo, NY region. This event will be held in The Wellness Lodge, which is run by D’Youville’s licensed mental health counselor.

Activity: An event will held for students where they can stop by to get sleepy time tea, spa face masks, cozy socks and a snack. Information will be put together by D’Youville Wellness Scholars to give to students regarding the following topics: how sleep impacts mental health, how substances impact sleep, how sleep impacts relationships, exercise and sleep, eating habits and sleep, yoga and meditation exercises.

Location: D’Youville University – Buffalo, NY

Date of Activity: 3/18/22

Submitted by: Amy Hahn