United Kingdom: Maria Hunter / James Paget University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Delegate: Maria Hunter

Affiliations: James Paget University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Short Bio: At the James Paget University Hospital we provide 24 hour care and as such many of our staff work shifts. Sleep disruption and deprivation are primary factors resulting from shift work. Our Wellbeing Champions are passionate about supporting our staff to ensure they have all the information available to help them make healthy choices in all areas of their lives and we, as an employer, will support them.

Activity: We will be having an information stand in our staff canteen for staff to visit which will have leaflets and information to better understand sleep and how to improve their sleep. This will include leaflets on various topics, such as how to buy the best bed and top tips for better sleep, as well as Apps recommended by the NHS to support sleep. We will also be providing signposting so that staff with sleep problems can get further help and support.

Location: James Paget University Hospital, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, UK

Date of Activity: 12th March 2020

Submitted By: Maria Hunter, Staff Enagement and Wellbeing Administrator