United Kingdom 2023: Megan Leitch | Cardiff University

Delegate: Megan Leitch

Affiliation: Cardiff University

Short Bio:

Activity: Sleep and Dreams: Literature, Science, and the Supernatural

A launch event featuring lightning talks and a Q&A, followed by a drinks reception and a chance to browse the exhibition

Sleep is an object of desire that is also subject to vigilance. Advice about how, when, and where to sleep, as well as with whom, has a long history. The same can be said of efforts to decipher the meaning of dreams.

This exhibition considers how sleep, dreams and insomnia have been represented in literature and negotiated in different scientific traditions from the medieval to the modern era. It also explores how, for many societies, sleep and night-time have heralded the breakdown of the boundaries between the physical and metaphysical worlds, leading to closer, sometimes dangerous interactions with ghosts, demons, and other types of non-human entity.

Location: Arts and Social Sciences Library, Cardiff University, Cardiff

Date of Activity: March 13th 2023

Submitted by: Megan Leitch